PETERSBURG, VA – Today Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn announced that Virginia the House of Delegates will convene on August 18th for the Special Session called by Governor Northam at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Stuart C. Siegel Center in Richmond. When the Assembly reconvenes, Delegate Aird will join her colleagues in focusing on addressing and responding to two pandemics: systemic racism, which has resulted in racial health disparities and a criminal justice crisis and the economic impact of COVID-19. With the rapid escalation of racially disparate health outcomes in communities of color and the devastating impact on livelihoods, Delegate Aird will focus on providing economic relief to socioeconomically disadvantaged communities and people that need it most in the midst of this unanticipated global health crisis defined by COVID-19.


As a country and as a Commonwealth we have borne witness not only to the collapse of fragile communities due to COVID-19 but to the underlying presence of systemic racism in our criminal justice system. Delegate Aird will introduce legislation acknowledging the pervasive nature of racism in healthcare and tackle fundamental impacts of law enforcement actions. A complete agenda will be announced next week.


“These crises we are experiencing are not going away, we are at an inflection point, grappling with issues both in healthcare outcomes and criminal justice reform, and how both can disproportionately affect people of color and impoverished families. We are at a precipice in time where we have an opportunity to take these moments and create a movement that will result in lasting, impactful and formidable change in our communities. I stand ready with my colleagues to reconvene and tackle these most pressing issues.”


About Delegate Aird

Delegate Lashrecse Aird was sworn into the Virginia House of Delegates in 2016.  She represents the 63rd District, which includes rural, suburban and urban areas stretching from the City of Petersburg to the countryside of Dinwiddie to suburban neighborhoods in Chesterfield.